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Commission Survey 2023

In Q4 of 2023, Recruitment Leadership anonymously asked a series of questions designed to gain an understanding of how various recruitment business leaders are currently structuring their commission schemes.

Utilising her vast knowledge, experience and understanding as an award-winning NED and consultant to the recruitment sector, Alison Humphries has analysed the results of the survey to provide her insight and advice for recruitment business leaders.

​Information provided includes (but is not limited to):

  • Temp Vs Perm
  • Driving the Right Behaviours
  • Payout Percentages, Thresholds and Base Salaries
  • Fee splits
  • Advice for recruitment business leaders regarding commission schemes

Download today to discover the key findings of the Recruitment Leadership Commission Report 2023.

Seven Behaviours of Successful Recruitment Business Leaders

From training rookies to leading a multi-million-pound recruitment business sale – Alison spent the first 30 years of her career within the recruitment industry, before becoming an award-winning NED and advisor to recruitment businesses of all shapes and sizes for the last ten years.

In this book, Alison will explore a list of the seven behaviours that are markers for success within the recruitment industry, specifically designed for recruitment business leaders.

The book identifies the behaviours that apply to the recruitment sector, with multiple anecdotes, case studies and actionable learnings.

Through this exploration, recruitment business leaders (regardless of the size or scope of the operation) can expect to:

  • Recognise the good (and bad) behaviours within your business
  • Build an infrastructure that makes ‘success behaviours’ more automatic
  • Have more success in realising your goals, and in turn, reap the rewards

Get your copy to discover the seven behaviours today! Available as Paperback and Kindle Edition

Revolutionary Recruitment eBook

If you are an owner or director of a recruitment company, there is no doubt that recent events have brought to the forefront some of the challenges in recruitment that have been stirring for quite some time.

In a first for Recruitment Leadership, Alison Humphries has published an eBook – Revolutionary Recruitment – a completely different way to increase profit margins, transform pipeline and change your recruitment game

In the book, Alison explores how you can:

– Increase revenue and profit margins
– Utilise different skillsets within your workforce
– Fulfil clients needs and wants
– Maximise resources

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