“My business’s performance is disappointing – I can’t afford a NED….. can I?”

Published on

March 7, 2024

Written by

Alison Humphries


You don’t only see a doctor when you are 100% well, do you?

And the same applies to a business coach.

It’s an interesting fact that, in recruitment at least, some owner/managers regard a NED or board advisor as their last luxury, a sign that their business has “arrived”.


Now, while it’s true that a business which can’t repay its debts should almost definitely not be increasing its overhead, I put it to you that you should definitely be getting experienced, external advice when:

  • Your growth has stalled, and what used to work seems ineffective
  • Competitors are winning business ahead of you
  • You are making increasing revenue, but stagnant profit
  • Your business flounders whenever you are absent for more than a week.

Some of my clients have recently made the cut for the Recruiter Hot 100 league, a remarkable achievement in a competitive environment, recognising those above a high GP threshold who have achieved the highest productivity per head. While the owners have certainly worked hard, those businesses invited me in to provide a broader experience, challenge and accountability at a relatively early stage.


By understanding every aspect of their business and what the possibilities were (often ideas they hadn’t considered at all), it’s been possible to:

  • accelerate their profitable growth,
  • avoid expensive mistakes,
  • make them an attractive place to work,
  • differentiate their services in a meaningful way,
  • get financial and sales data that truly help to manage the business,
  • create a business plan that has made them very attractive to potential acquirers- without going to market.

The need for experienced help is especially true for those business owners who have only worked in one sector of recruitment, or a very small number of different businesses. Or perhaps you’ve come from outside the recruitment sector, to bring your industry expertise and network to the field?


A bespoke, confidential and holistic review of your business strategy, customer base, sales and marketing, HR, finance and infrastructure will be an eye-opener, if you are anything like my other clients. That includes the businesses now featured in the Recruiter Hot 100. And it’s the practical, hands-on support to implement change that they value most highly.


Congratulations to everyone in the Hot 100 for their achievements. And congratulations for being open to finding out the things you don’t know that you don’t know. Engaging some really experienced, up-to-date help is the first luxury – not the last.


Looking for an expert within the recruitment industry to help you accelerate your profitable growth, maximise performance and thrive in a dynamic market?

Alison Humphries has been advising recruitment business owners and leaders for over 20 years, with impressive results – including a roster of award-winning clients and a trade sale in excess of £20 million. To find out more about how she can help you lead your recruitment business to success, get in touch today.

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