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Changing Behaviours through Integrated Training

Our Learning and Development programmes are designed so that you can create real, lasting changes within your business to deliver impactful results.

Often, training and development is confused with a stimulating or entertaining lecture.

However, real learning and development is about getting people to change their behaviours because they have the want and the tools to – not because they’re told to.

Alison designs and delivers highly targeted, results-oriented learning and development, tailored to your business.

Explore our L&D packages below:

Diversity and Inclusion

For all employers, increasing the diversity of workforces is vital to vibrant innovation, broadening candidate pools and improving profit.

For recruiters, being able to challenge bias and advise on this area can be a valuable differentiator and improve results. This 4 modules programme covers:

  • Clarity on diversity, inclusion and discrimination: exploding the myths and understand how businesses benefit.
  • Recognising how bias is perpetuated, including the blind spot that diversity is just “political correctness”. Constructively challenging assumptions.
  • Recognise your own bias and move recruitment away from purveying CVs.
  • The structures and working practices that attract diverse workforces.


Tailoring and Preparation – Comprehensive Materials – Up to 8 People Over 4 Modules


Win and deliver retained business

This course takes you through the fundamentals of not just obtaining retained business, but how to fulfil it too. Key points covered include:

  • How to identify the right opportunities
  • Changing mindset with existing clients
  • A clear, demonstrated sales pitch for your business
  • Template proposal document and specific recommendations for your business
  • How to deliver the project


Tailoring and Preparation – Comprehensive Materials – Up to 8 People Over 1 Full Day


Selling big ticket products

The sales process for S.O.W, MSP and RPO services is longer and more complex than most recruiters can imagine. This one-day course explains:

  • How to manage multiple stakeholders
  • The “buying cycle” and how to keep it moving
  • Navigating the tender process
  • How to spur clients to make the big, complex decision
  • Template proposal document and specific recommendations for your business
  • Pricing strategies


Tailoring and Preparation – Comprehensive Materials – Up to 8 People Over 1 full day


Active Sales Management

Ideal for the billing manager, this practical course includes:

  • Managing team members in real time, not after the event
  • Maximising productivity via Quality, Quantity and Direction
  • Managing your own time
  • Adding value to staff rather than “checking up”
  • Simple ways to use learning opportunities effectively
  • Dealing with staff behaviour issues so they don’t become big issues


Advanced Recruiting Programme

This 5 x 1 day programme is for consultants who have minimum 18 months experience, and want to get to the next level of performance and job satisfaction. Guaranteed ROI!

  • Triple results without making a single extra call
  • Switch on the “referred business generation machine”
  • Become an authority in your market place
  • Strategic selling to high-level candidates and clients
  • Presenting to clients like you do it all the time


Tailoring and Preparation – Comprehensive Materials – Up to 8 People


Train your own trainers

A one and a half day programme to ensure that your selected staff can design and deliver high-impact training. Loaded with practical exercises.

This includes:

  • Understand the crucial difference between training and telling
  • Make any session engaging, participative and effective, so trainees will want to implement it
  • Setting ROI goals on L&D initiatives


Bespoke training suite design for your business

Businesses with serious ambition need the capability to train their own staff, consistently and reliably.

If you want to avoid the “Training rental” trap, and invest in your own capability, we can design a fully comprehensive suite of materials for your exclusive use.

This includes:

  • Workbooks
  • Slide deck
  • Comprehensive trainer’s notes
  • Supporting materials: Case studies, recordings, videos


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