Changing Behaviours through Integrated Training

At Recruitment Leadership we don’t do open (buy a ticket) courses or off-the-shelf packages. Irrelevant training, pitched at the wrong people or so generic as to be unusable, is worse than no training at all.

Training and Development is often confused with a stimulating or entertaining lecture. Real learning and development is about getting people to change their behaviours – because they want to.

Our aim is to ensure that your people avoid mediocrity and practise excellence. We focus on deep knowledge, genuine consultancy and real credibility.

Some of the topics we have covered include:

Professional Selling

Effective Negotiation

Managing the Recruitment Cycle

Power Written Communication

Competency-based Interviewing

High-Impact Presentations

Proposal Writing

Memorable Client Meetings

Telephone-based Business Development

Winning Retained Business

Management Development and Assessment Centres

LinkedIn Communications

How we will help

All Recruitment Leadership programmes are designed to meet the needs of the business and the level of the group, maximising engagement and the implementation of learning.

We work closely with business leaders to understand the requirements of their team and create a development plan to achieve these in an effective structure.

100% of participants in our Training programmes rate it as excellent or good, describing it as "challenging", "practical to implement" and "highly participative".

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