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4 Innovative Recruitment Practices You Should Know (and Implement Correctly)


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It’s the hot topic across the recruitment industry in 2018 as business leaders look at new and exciting ways to operate.

For months I have been speaking to a number of directors and leaders about ways to be innovative and more often than not, I’ve been surprised by two factors.

The first is the lack of insight and knowledge around a number of innovative practices that are reshaping the sector.

The second is from business owners who have acknowledged practices (or quite often, tools) then attempted to implement them without any external support or as part of a wider strategy.

If I was to summarise the two camps into a sentence to represent each, it would be something along the lines of:

“What do you mean by a flexible pricing model?'”


“Yeah I got all our consultants a licence for video interviewing and I think it’s going well”

In other words, the trend I have encountered is leaders who are unaware of the direction recruitment is heading and those who have not given thought to implementation of new practices.

As such I’ve created the above infographic to highlight 4 Innovative Practices You Should Know with a view to give business leaders some food for thought.

That being said, I wouldn’t recommend these to everyone, and I’m in the business of totally bespoke, holistic advice.

Every business I work with is completely unique and I emphasis this in my consultancy approach.

Finding the perfect point of innovation for your business is key and these just are some examples of things I have successfully implemented with different clients, and the success of these is all in the implementation within a wider strategy.

If you’d like to find out more about innovation or are considering an evaluation of your current strategy, please get in touch using the form here or by calling on 07720 677557.

Download Innovation Infographic

Alison Humphries is Founder Director of Recruitment Leadership Ltd, a business which helps recruitment business owners across the UK improve performance and profitability, implement strategy and systems, and develop staff.

She is uniquely positioned to advise Recruitment Business Owners and Directors on all aspects of developing their brand and increasing market share, from strategy to sales techniques. 

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